Educational and research bacteriological laboratory

 On the basis of Department of Public Health and Healthcare we have an educational and research bacteriological  laboratory that is as close as possible to organizing the equipment with practical laboratories. The laboratory conducts bacteriological studies and practical classes in microbiology and hygiene subjects.


The student’s workplace is equipped with: amicroscope, an alcohol burner, a set of equipment (bacteriological loop, slides and coverslips, tripods, laboratory glassware, pipettes) and microbial culture in accordance with the topic of the session.

Laboratory is equipped with: thermostats for cultivation of microorganisms, autoclaves (2 pcs) for disinfection of infectious material and sterilization of environments, dry-fire cabinet (1 pcs.) for sterilization, refrigerators (2 pcs.) for storing sterile media, reagents and cultures of microorganisms, bactericidal lamps for disinfection of laboratory, apparatus for obtaining distilled water.


Connect with us

  • Address: Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 1F Intergelpo str., 2nd floor.
  • Dean's office for Postgraduate Education
  • Phone: 0556163057
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