Aliia Esenkulovna Bazhanova
Dean of the Postgraduate EducationAliia Esenkulovna Bazhanova
As Dean I am delighted to welcome you to our website and invite you to explore the wealth of information that we have made available. This website has been created for you with the express purpose of serving as a reliable source for graduate and postdoctoral education information at the university.

If you share our passion for scientific research, and our commitment to shape the future of health care through innovation and discovery, I encourage you to consider joining our educational programs. The hallmark of the PhD program is a diverse, creative and uniquely collegial community of highly accomplished faculty and trainees. I believe that ambitious doctoral students are attracted to elite schools where faculty members are committed to changing the world around them. As a doctoral candidate at ISM, you will be working closely with some of the Kyrgyzstan’s most renowned thought leaders who encourage and support an academic community that is an idea incubator.  ISM offers a myriad of opportunities with industries at the forefront of innovation & opportunity in health care.


Our programs are designed to give students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies under the guidance of distinguished faculty members and learn the methods of independent research. Graduate students are vital contributors to the university’s missions of education and research.


As you explore doctoral programs, we want to be part of your journey.

We welcome your interest and value your participation.
With best wishes,

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