Educational and research bacteriological laboratory

List of examinations:

— the examination of blood;

— the examination of blood for determination of the white cell (leukocyte) type number fraction

(differential leukocyte count)

— the examination of blood for determination of the glucose concentration.

— the examination of stools;

— the examination of urine;
The intention is to provide an account of basic laboratory techniques that are useful to student’s laboratories and can be carried out with a limited range of basic equipment.

Reagents and equipment

Each reagent has been given a number. The reagents required and their numbersare indicated in the description of each technique. An alphabetical list of all thereagents used, with the numbers assigned to them, their composition, methods ofpreparation and storage requirements appears in the Annex at the end of the manual.

A list of the apparatus needed to equip a laboratory capable of carrying out all the examinations described:

  1. Photocalorimeter,
  2. Electrocardiograph,
  3. Water bath,
  4. Tonometer,
  5. Glucometer,
  6. Urometer,
  7. Laboratory balance,
  8. Microscope,
  9. Thermostat,
  10. Centrifuge machine,
  11. Refrigerator,
  12. Laboratory glasswares.

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