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3M Sound Examiner SE-401-IS

with Calibrator is a high-quality user-friendly instrument engineered to be used in potentially hazardous work environments: pharmaceutical, ‎ automotive, ‎ transportation, ‎metal production, ‎military maintenance, repair and operation, ‎manufacturing, ‎mining, ‎oil and gas industries. The benefit of 3M Sound Examiner SE-401-IS is that it offers intuitive interface which does not require training, and is certified intrinsically safe. The averaging functionality allows for easy measurement in various environments. Other important advantages of using this meter include large backlit display and remote printing capabilities.

Key features:

  • Type 1 microphone
  • Data Logging‎
  • User-selectable data logging intervals for download and analysis with 3M™ Detection Management Software
  • Measurement Parameters‎: SPL,‎ Peak,‎ Lavg/Leq,‎ Max,‎ Ln,‎ Elapsed Time,‎ Min
  • Internal Memory: 2MB (34 days at 1-minute logging)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Life‎: 8 Hours
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Time Response‎: Fast,‎ Slow
  • Standards/Approvals‎: ‎ IEC 61672-1 (2002), ANSI S1.43 (R2007), CE
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F
  • Atmospheric Pressure: Operating: 80 to 110 kPa; Storage: 50 to 150 kPa
  • Drop Protection: Minimum 2 meters onto concrete, 2 times on each face
  • Housing: ABS Polycarbonate IP65


Heat Stress Monitor

3M™ QUESTemp™ 44 Heat Stress Monitor 1 kit/cs



  • Kit includes QUESTemp°™ 44 unit with 2″ style globe sensor and standard accessories.
  • Measure/calculate dry bulb, wet bulb & globe temperature, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and Heat Index/Humidex.
  • Real time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping.

The QUESTemp°™ 44 Heat Stress Monitor offers high quality heat stress monitoring without the hassle of wet-bulb maintenance. This model measures/calculates the dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperatures along with WBGT indoors, WBGT outdoors, relative humidity and Heat Index/Humidex.

A real-time clock provides reporting and time stamping. On board data logging along with Detection Management Software (DMS) allows for analysis of data with charting, graphing and reporting options. The QUESTemp° 44 QT-44 (with Alkaline Battery) includes Standard Accessories, (1) Sensor Bar Assembly w/ Calculated Wet Bulb using Humidity Sensor, and 2″ Style Globe Sensor.



MX6 iBrid Gas Detector

to see hazardous levels of oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like never before. The MX6 iBrid® is more than an intelligent hybrid of Industrial Scientific’s best monitoring technologies. It’s the first gas monitor to feature a full-color LCD display screen.

The display improves safety with clear readings in low light, bright light or anywhere in between. Whether the work is outside, inside or underground, it’s easy to see what gas hazards lurk in the immediate work environment. And a color display is more than eye-catching. It allows the user to step through instrument settings and functions with an intuitive menu and the instrument’s five-way navigation button. It even supports the option of on-board graphing for easily interpreted direct readings and recorded data.



Lux meter

Testo 545

Light intensity in workplaces must fulfil minimum values and have to be checked regularly. Using software, a site list can be stored and individual luminous intensity values can be connected to form a curve. This light profile provides information on the uniformity of the lighting.

The testo 545 lux meter for natural and artificial light comes with a permanently attached light sensor, which allows you to measure the light intensity in the workplace, and at offices, schools, and hospitals quickly and reliably. The optional software can be used to compile a light profile from the light intensity readings.

At-a-glance look at the benefits of the testo 545 light meter. The testo 545 lux meter can be used for selective and long term light intensity measurements. It has a built-in data logger which can save up to 3,000 readings, and can be used to perform  selective and time-based averaging. The optional testo turbo printer allows you to print out on site.
The optional PC software allows you to set up to 99 measuring sites, allocate the readings to the relevant measuring sites, and connect individually saved readings to form a curve. The light profile obtained from such data provides you with a picture of the uniformity of the lighting.





AirCube™ COM2 TH

The era of samplings with long interminable settings can be considered over with the new AirCube™ COM2 TH portablesampler. With just a few operations in the user-friendly preparation menu the sampler is immediately ready for a new sampling process.

The times of manual By-Pass or inaccurate and impractical calibrated orifices for high and low flows are over. You just need to set the desired flow and then let the sampling begin.

With the flow range included among 0.4 and 30 liters per minute in a single dynamic scale, the AirCube™ COM2 TH has no competitors! The first and only ultra compact The AirCube™ COM2 TH sampler is the true compact in the category with only 24 cm (per side) and 27 cm (height) but with inside the dry volumetric counter as required by the most common current norms.

Unique in its category, equipped with a membrane pump powered by 12V DC elevated flow range and back pressure compensation over 2200mm/H20.

The AirCube™ COM2 TH constant flow sampler belongs to the second generation of portable successful line of samplers manufactured by AMS Analitica.

New for its compactness, lighter in weight, has an exclusive proportional valve for a precise suction flow adjustment. The AirCube™ COM2 TH sampler is adjustable with operational flow included in a single dynamic range among 0,2 and 30 liters per minute without the assistance of by-pass valves and without using particular regulators for operation in the low-flow range. Unique in its category, the AirCube™ COM2 TH sampler is powered by rechargeable batteries and directly from the electrical power network without the use of external power packs. The new microprocessor board with high-resolution, back light graphic display allows an easy and intuitive data setting and immediate readings during operational sampling phases, real time readings all of the information reported to it such as:

  • Immediate flow and average flow of the session,
  • instantaneous dry gas meter temperature and average session temperature,
  • instantaneous environmental temperature and average session temperature,
  • instantaneous and average atmospheric barometric session pressure,
  • Partial volume sampled and sampling time. Furthermore, still from the display it is possible to follow the progress of the sampling graphically distributed on the base of aspiration flow and time. This option allows the verification and validation of the sampling validating the data with the calculation of the standard deviation.



AirChek® XR5000  Personal Sample Pump 

The SKC AirChek XR5000 sample pumps are design to offer users enhanced battery power and easy operation in a lightweight pump that provides accurate airflowsfrom 5-5000 ml/min (5-500 ml/min requires a low flow adaptor kit). Two battery options are available which provides flexibility and economy for different users and different applications including long run times.

  • Capable of running for up to 40 hours at 2 L/min
  • Wide flow range from 5 to 5000 ml/min
  • 2 interchangeable battery options
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery for extended run times
  • Patented, highly accurate electronic flow control system
  • Automatic temperature compensated flow
  • Simple operation with easy to use keypad
  • UL Approved for intrinsic safety
  • Pump running LED indicator
  • Programmable run times
  • Extended back pressure capability

The AirChek XR5000 is also available in basic pump, dust sampling, vapour/gas sampling and combined dust/vapour sampling kits.

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