Master Degree Program Requirements for Candidates:
  1. To training on the program of preparation of the master persons having the diploma of state sample of base higher education on direction or (bachelor) diploma of total top vocational training take up (specialist).
  2. Training of citizens of other states in the high schools of Kyrgyz Republic is implemented on the basis of international contracts, entering when due hereunder by virtue of, the participant of which is Kyrgyz Republic, as well as on the basis of contracts between educational organisations or with separate citizens.
  3. The main criteria for receipt to contract kinds of training (to internal forms) are the level of knowledges and abilities master student.
  4. Persons reception to high school’s master degree is implemented on competitive base by results of entrance examinations.
  5. Applicants to the master degree program pass the entrance examinations:
  • in one of the foreign languages (English, German, French, Chinese);
  • on the specialty (Public Health).
  1. Persons entering the master degree of the ISM submit the following documents:
  • Statement addressed to the Rector of the International school of medicine;
  • Document proving identity and citizenship;
  • Diploma first copy + copy (assured by the notary);
  • Copy of the certificate of passing the test in foreign languages (in the case of they presence);
  • Four color photographs in the size of 3.5x4.5 cm;
  • Medical certificate form 086-U;
  • For recruits the military registration card or identity card;
  • Foreign citizens should submit to selection committee document about formation, equal to state document of average common or average vocational training of Kyrgyz Republic.
  1. Apprenticeship is 2 years with full-time studies.
  2. Training is led on contractual base.
  3. The tuition fee is: 2300 $ (two thousand three hundred US dollars).

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